Back from Seclusion…


… with many words added to the Seekrit Project, but not enough to complete it. Work continues.

Tomorrow: Back to the DayJob. Ack.

Boskone was lovely, as usual, and I got to have dinner with Jo Walton, a rare treat, and hang out lots with Ann Zeddies, who I don’t see nearly enough. And, of course, my sister Sabine, plus our pal Brian.

At Boskone I ran into Kate Nepveu at the Tiptree Bake Sale, and she reminded me about The Con or Bust auction, which raises money to help send SF and Fantasy fans of color to conventions. So, you bet, I put up something for auction! You can read more about Con or Bust and the Carl Brandon Society here, and see all the stuff available here. Seriously: good cause, neat stuff, what have you got to lose?

the entire series, up for auction at Con or Bust!

Be sure to read their instructions on How to Bid if you want to take part.

Meanwhile: Sabine and I just cooked a week’s worth of food TODAY so we don’t have to cook next week, because next week is going to be FROM HELL for both of us. She has special events at work that have to get done without skimping on all the actual work that still has to be accomplished. And I’ll have last week’s work to catch up on while still doing a whole new week’s work at the DayJob, not to mention trying to hang on to all the writing progress and momentum I accumulated while in seclusion.

Plus: gym, I must get to the gym.

Really wish I had another week off…

5 Responses to “Back from Seclusion…”

  • Sean Fagan Says:

    There, bid. I’ll up it to $100 if I could get them electronically instead :).

    • Rosemary Says:

      Sean —

      Oof! That was fast! Thanks.

      Sorry, I’m not yet doing electronic…. personally, that is, although plans are afoot.

      Interesting to me that within a half hour of my putting the item up, I get 3 bids!

  • Sean Fagan Says:

    You’re popular. At least by a very dedicated group :).

  • Michael_gr Says:

    Oh, they’re so pretty together! I think I ‘ll take my set to work tomorrow, put them over my workstation’s monitor and just stare at them for a day 🙂

    • Rosemary Says:

      Michael_gr —

      I wish I had that option myself. It would remind me of what I’m actually all about, instead of this (grumble grumble) DayJob…

      But, you know — as much as I love the covers of The Lost Steersman, and The Language of Power, I actually don’t like the cover for The Steerswoman’s Road.

      At first glance, it’s just a big picture of a woman’s face. Second glance, you see the mysterious circle and map-like elements in the first layer of the background. And third glance, if you really stop and puzzle it out, you see the printed circuit board in the second layer of the background — but who gets the multiple layers unless you’re already looking for them?

      More than one person has looked at that cover and said some variation of “Oh, so you write romance novels…”