yep, another week of overtime coming up…


…Because being away from the freakin’ DayJob means that 40 hours of tasks were not done. And you can’t catch up 40 hours in just one week which already contains 40 hours of work.

Upside: overtime = bucks.
Downside: even more hours in the day during which I have to pretend to be obsessively detail-oriented, a mental state alien to me.

But, hey: I have the house to myself all weekend and part of the week, due to my sister going to a conference in Boston, and staying at the place I cat-sat two weeks ago.

The place of pear blossoms and pond and goldfinches and geese and these guys:

(I can’t believe that shot worked. I just stuck my little digital camera up to the eyepiece of the telescope, wiggled it until the view screen looked good, and clicked.)

Oh, and this guy:

Resemblance to John Scalzi's cat Ghlaghghee entirely coincidental

Resemblance to John Scalzi's cat Ghlaghghee entirely coincidental

And now: back to my regularly scheduled WRITING!

3 Responses to “yep, another week of overtime coming up…”

  • Ita Says:

    Great pic!!!!

    At my old job I stopped taking long vacations. If I took a week off, I’d have to work late the 3days before and the whole week after. And not get paid for the extra time.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Ita —

      Was that by company policy, or sheer necessity?

      In my case, sort of both. I’m not allowed to take two weeks off in a row, even when I have that much vacation time available (I was out for two weeks last year, but that was Worker’s Comp for the hand surgery). But also: the person trained to cover for me while I’m gone a) has her own work to do, and b) screws up a lot. I’d actually rather she did only the most urgent tasks, since fixing the errors is harder than catching up on work not done at all.

      At least I do get the overtime…

      Oh, dear, I promised myself I wouldn’t go on at length about my DayJob, and now I have!

      But you know, I blame a lot of this on the economy… companies have cut their staff down to the bone, because they’ve had to, usually. And when the workload increases, they just strip-mine the people they have.

      Whenever it gets tough, my office-mate and I just look at each other and say, “At least we have jobs.” It’s brutal out there.

  • Ita Says:

    Sheer necessity. I was in charge and anal retentive. Management didn’t get OT but we did get a lot of freedom, mostly to come in early and stay late. One VP famously said “I hate christmas. Too many days off and people taking vacations.” Also: “why should we go to 4 -10’s when people are working 5 – 10’s now.”. I love retirement!!