yes, I’m back!


And yes, I’m instantly swamped with DayJob overtime from all the tasks that did not get done while I was gone. Thus: not much blogging going on…

Upside: I got a lot done on the Seekrit Project while I was away!
Downside: But I did not finish it yet.
Upside: But I did not lose my momentum, and it’s still in motion!
Downside: But I am not in motion, myself..

Nothing like tons of overtime to keep you sitting for hours at a time. I’ve always known this is a bad thing, but now there’s infographics to prove it:


At the DayJob I long ago set my computer to give me hourly reminders to get up and walk around. But sometimes they show up when I just can’t. When I do get up and walk around, I leave the prompt up on my screen so my boss knows why I’m not at my desk.

Ack! I’m late! Must run (and then not run for hours on end).

More later….

2 Responses to “yes, I’m back!”

  • Brian Says:

    No need to sit down at work. You can do your job at one mile per hour. How? you ask. Just get your boss to spring for a Steelcase Walkstation for you (approx $6,000). Tell them they can take it out of your bonus.

    Just Google the two words to find out all about it.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Brian —

      Take it out of my bonus?

      Ha. They already took something out of my bonus.

      Want to know what it was?

      It was — my bonus!