Surviving overtime by reading good fiction


Here’s an email I just sent to Amazon Customer Service:

Please reset the “furthest location read” on my copy of the ebook “Among Others” by Jo Walton. I’ve finished the book and am reading it again. It’s inconvenient, when I switch devices, that the “furthest location read” is stuck at the END of the book. I have to manually find my last location each time I switch devices, which I do often.

I love Kindle, and use it constantly! What a great product, and a great company! But it seems that Amazon assumes that people read each book one time only and never again. And it’s very odd that I need to contact Amazon Customer Service when I want to reset the “furthest location”. Why is this not an option available to the user directly?

You know what’s especially annoying? That I meant to say Tooth and Claw, not Among Others. I’ve already finished re-reading Among Others, and had to have more Jo Walton RIGHT NOW, so I went into Tooth and Claw for the second time.

Seriously. I switch devices lots because I can use my little iPod to read during my breaks at work. Fits right in my pocket. Ha.  Stealth SF.

Also just bought this. 99 cents.

Ack!  Must run now…

One Response to “Surviving overtime by reading good fiction”

  • Lindig Harris Says:

    I’m a Luddite re e-books and one of the reasons is that you buy the book but you don’t “own” the book. As you say, re-reading confuses them; you can’t pass the book along to someone else; or (whatever forfend) trade it in for something else. Sorry, but I’m sticking to paper.