Jul 29 2011

Surviving overtime by reading good fiction


Here’s an email I just sent to Amazon Customer Service:

Please reset the “furthest location read” on my copy of the ebook “Among Others” by Jo Walton. I’ve finished the book and am reading it again. It’s inconvenient, when I switch devices, that the “furthest location read” is stuck at the END of the book. I have to manually find my last location each time I switch devices, which I do often.

I love Kindle, and use it constantly! What a great product, and a great company! But it seems that Amazon assumes that people read each book one time only and never again. And it’s very odd that I need to contact Amazon Customer Service when I want to reset the “furthest location”. Why is this not an option available to the user directly?

You know what’s especially annoying? That I meant to say Tooth and Claw, not Among Others. I’ve already finished re-reading Among Others, and had to have more Jo Walton RIGHT NOW, so I went into Tooth and Claw for the second time.

Seriously. I switch devices lots because I can use my little iPod to read during my breaks at work. Fits right in my pocket. Ha.  Stealth SF.

Also just bought this. 99 cents.

Ack!  Must run now…