Boskone wants to know!


Whilst hunkering down and enduring the crunch at the DayJob, and preparing for Xmas and New Year, the fun thing on my horizon is Boskone, NESFA’s regional science fiction convention, taking place in Boston, February 17-19.

Boskone is one of the conventions I try not to miss. It’s a favorite — but you know, by now I’ve been to an awful lot of them across the years…

So, when I was signing up and they asked me what I wanted to talk about, what sorts of panels I wanted to participate in, and what great ideas I had for new panels or discussion groups, I sort of went, “Um, um… well, you know, same old…”

Then I thought: wouldn’t it be great if I knew what panels my readers wanted to see me on, and what subjects they would like to hear me talk about?

Then I remembered: Oh, right. I could ask them.

So, what do you think? If you’re going to Boskone, or are willing for the moment to imagine that you will be going, what panels, discussions, or brainstorming sessions would YOU attend if you know that Rosemary Kirstein would be there?

If you’ve never been to a convention, take a look at last year’s Boskone schedule for inspiration. (And you can see what panels I was on last year — I’d be happy to repeat; they were interesting and fun.)

(Oh, how 21st cen, to be crowd-sourcing my con panel ideas…)

In other news: Hooray! First trailer for The Hobbit!

This makes me happy. I’m tired, I’ve been working the DayJob too hard too long, and I’m so happy to see Middle Earth.

9 Responses to “Boskone wants to know!”

  • Konrad Says:

    Future of Science Fiction
    Women in Science Fiction (authors and characters)
    Science vs. Magic
    Showing Intelligent Characters (not just claiming it)
    Usefulness and Consequences of Honesty

  • Jason Hall Says:

    Just wish we could come and see you there! Anything where I could pester you about the next installment in The Steerswoman or whatever else you are working on… I was introduced to your books when I lived in Falmouth, MA. Alas, we have been gone from our dear Cape Cod for six long years…

  • Lindig Says:

    Spirit of Place [love your world-building]
    Kids: What to Read When [I was not restricted in my reading and have been forever grateful]

  • Corinne Says:

    Love the Science vs. Magic 🙂

    How space exploration influences fantasy storytelling. 🙂

  • Melinda Fleming Says:

    Been trying to put my idea into words a few times now. But every time I’m done, the words reduce to “Women in Science Fiction” – which is always a good idea – (as Konrad clearly knows.) But what I want to see discussed, is considerably more nuanced. Bleeaaarghh! Will try again.

  • pointoforigin Says:

    So are you on vacation yet??

    • Rosemary Says:

      Not yet!

      I’ve tried about 5 times to settle down and do my next blog post — through xmas, newyears, etc. Hope to actually have one sometime this weekend.

      Meanwhile: MORE OT OMG.