Nov 30 2012

The downside


Hey, you know how when you go away and try to clear your mind, you leave all the crap behind?

And: Hey, you know how when you get back, it’s all still there waiting for you?

And it got lonely while you were gone, so it found a whole lot of new friends? So when you get back, not only is all the original crap waiting for you, but all this new crap, friends of your old crap, is also waiting, and eager to make your acquaintance?

You know — like that?


I’ll blog more coherently on the weekend, but until then:

Yes, I’m back.

And Lindig was right about the location of my escape.

And it was lovely, and I didn’t want to come home!

More later.

Nov 24 2012

And seven, which is my last full day here…


Nov 24 2012

Day six (which was yesterday)


elsewhere on the property...

Nov 23 2012

Day 5


clicking to embiggen is recommended

Nov 22 2012

Day 4, and a night


image enhanced for your edification

there were, like, six of these!

Nov 21 2012

Day 3


Nov 19 2012

Day 2


"In the author's mind there bubbles up every now and then the material for a story... This nags at him all day long and gets in the way of his work and his sleep and his meals.   It's like being in love..."  -- C.S. Lewis


Nov 18 2012

Somewhere very far away


Nov 16 2012

Undisclosed location


Down to the wire on my annual get-the-hell-out-of-town.   This time I’m actually getting on a plane and flying most of the way across the country.

I’ll be pretty much incommunicado for the duration.   I might post some random photos… But whatever actual words I come up with will be going toward creative work, I hope!

See you on the flip side.



Nov 13 2012

Of course


Of course, when your DayJob knows that you’re about to be gone for a week, it releases all sorts of hell on you, requiring you to put in extra hours that should be better spent, if not actually writing, then at least doing all the things you need to do in your LIFE before being away for a week.


Of course.