While you were gone….


… Well, one of us was gone.   It might have been me.

Actually, it’s been “little snails” all the way for the last couple of weeks.

Except: one nice thing happened, and one not-so-nice-but-we’ll-see.  About both of which,  more later.   I’m kinda at the DayJob at the moment (on an official break!), so, no time to say much.

Meanwhile: Hey, the first person who can correctly explain the snails reference above, and name the book and the page number on which it first shows up will get… let’s see…

Oh, right!  One of these:



It’s another teapot.  Plus: tea.


(Offer not open to my family members, ex-boyfriends or previous contest winners.)

I’ve turned off the moderation feature for this post, since it caused some time-confusion last time….

Also: I’m not linking this to Facebook, because reasons.

7 Responses to “While you were gone….”

  • rosemary Says:

    I’m just testing to see if the moderation feature really has been turned off…

  • Sean Eric Fagan Says:

    Bah! I know the reference, but I can’t tell you page number without having it with me, and it’s at home, and not an ebook! sob! I want my Lost Steersman ebook!

  • Mary Alexandra Agner Says:

    I’ve got the Tor trade paper of The Lost Steersman published in 2003 and the little snails are first mentioned on page 260 (end of chapter 27). They are sea-going snails (marked on Janus’ map) which inhabit part of the “unexplored regions” Rowan passes through which eat the wooden hulls of boats. I assume that your reference is to a number of small problems which added up to some really tough weeks for you; I’d send you a copper hull if I could.

    (And now I’m going to go re-read the book! :))

    • Rosemary Says:

      Mary —

      You got it! Although, the publisher was actually Del Rey, not Tor; but otherwise, spot-on.

      I’ll contact you shortly to get the street address to send it to.

      That was a very fast little contest, I must say. Half an hour, bang. Done!

  • Lindig Says:

    My computer wasn’t cooperating earlier so your blog wouldn’t come up. Drat. Maybe it needs a copper bottom. Anyhow, glad to know you’re still alive and, presumably, healthy (or healthier).

  • Jo Walton Says:

    (ships vanish)