Jun 20 2013

While you were gone….


… Well, one of us was gone.   It might have been me.

Actually, it’s been “little snails” all the way for the last couple of weeks.

Except: one nice thing happened, and one not-so-nice-but-we’ll-see.  About both of which,  more later.   I’m kinda at the DayJob at the moment (on an official break!), so, no time to say much.

Meanwhile: Hey, the first person who can correctly explain the snails reference above, and name the book and the page number on which it first shows up will get… let’s see…

Oh, right!  One of these:



It’s another teapot.  Plus: tea.


(Offer not open to my family members, ex-boyfriends or previous contest winners.)

I’ve turned off the moderation feature for this post, since it caused some time-confusion last time….

Also: I’m not linking this to Facebook, because reasons.