Jul 7 2013

Readercon. Plus: many odd things


Yes! I will be at Readercon!

However: due to reading my writer-related email quickly and surreptitiously at the DayJob, I okayed the following schedule:

Thursday July 11
8:00 PM F The Bit I Remember. Ellen Brody, Lev Grossman, Rosemary Kirstein, Yoon Ha Lee, Sonya Taaffe (leader), Howard Waldrop. What do we remember from books read long ago, and why? What makes these glowing moments stick in our heads? And conversely, what falls away only to startle us when we return to the narrative years later?
9:00 PM NH Reading: Rosemary Kirstein.  Rosemary Kirstein reads a work to be determined.

Friday, July 12
10:30 PM Meet the Pros Party

 Sunday July 14
12:00 PM   E Autographs. Mike Allen, Rosemary Kirstein.

Yep, that’s it.

Plus: I thought I’d said I wouldn’t be there until Friday night… but that might have been an error on my part.  However, when they sent the preliminary schedule for me to approve, I ought to have caught the date, and asked for a change!   I do believe that I somehow (in a rush, probably) saw that F next to the time, and thought, “Friday! Yeah, I’ll be there.  Let’s give a big OKAY for that.”  But, alas, it was the room number.

So: I will be driving to the convention on Thursday night for the two events, then driving back so I can get to the DayJob on Friday morning, then going back to the con for the full weekend.

Upside: I’ll have plenty of opportunity to watch panels instead of being on them.

What am I reading at my reading?  At this point, I still don’t know.    I’ve read all the non-spoilery bits from the next two books (in progress simultaneously, dammit).   I can read something from them that I’ve already read, since the people in the audience might not be the same ones who heard a particular bit;  or I can read from published work, where the attraction is not that you’d hear new stuff, but that you’d hear me reading it; or, I can read from some non-steerswoman work-in-progress  — which I will probably be very unlikely to do, as I’m on the fence exposing it to public scrutiny at this stage…

I will probably decide at the VERY LAST MINUTE.

Also:  I seem to have no kaffeeklatsch this year!   If anyone is interested  I’ll put together an informal get-together, which will resemble a kaffeeklatch, taking place somewhere like the lobby, or the poolside, or one of the outside sit-around places, if it’s not too hot.  Let me know if I should do this…

In other news:  They fired my boss at the DayJob.   Suddenly.  My co-worker and I  were unexpectedly and suspiciously taken out to lunch by the production assistants, who were all perky cheery and innocent.  But it was all a ploy to get us out of the office while our boss had his office cleared out, and was told, politely I hope, to hit the road.   His duties are now divided among three people, and, as they say, it’s all of a ’tis-was now.

On the upside:  I still have Mondays off!   So, my cunning plans can proceed.
More to tell, about stuff in general — but I have to STOP BLOGGING SO I CAN GO AND WRITE NOW.

The  condos next door seem crowded, and not up to code, but at least the neighbors are entertaining.

The condos next door seem crowded, and not up to code, but at least the neighbors are entertaining.