Abandon ship!


Well, I thought my hair would start to go after the second chemo session, as that seems to be the general experience.

But last night:

Not exactly unexpected.

Not exactly unexpected.

I’d been checking every single day by brushing and experimentally tugging slightly, to no result whatsoever.  Business as usual, my hair said to me, don’t worry about us.  In fact, we could use a trim!

Then around ten PM last night it was:



And there they went!

My response: hilarity.   I  found it funny as hell.   I’m not entirely sure why.

Sure, I knew it was gonna go.  But now?  10PM?  The night before my second chemo?    And not 6PM, because I checked,  nope.  10PM.  Not a gradual thinning, but an apparently  unanimous decision.  Not that it dropped off all at once, but any time I gave a slight tug,  I got a bunch.  Each and every time.  If I’d kept tugging, I’m pretty sure could have plucked myself bald, right then and there!


When I collect enough, I'm going to knit myself a kitten.

When I collect enough, I’m going to knit myself a kitten.

I think it was the spontaneity and the unanimity that got to me.   It’s like they held a referendum.

So, I’m pretty sure that sometime today or tomorrow I’ll  do the pre-emptive strike.    But first: find a hat!

In other news:  Still looking in to getting the ebooks out on other platforms.   It’s a longer process than Amazon Kindle.   But I’m going to try like the dickens to get The Outskirter’s Secret  out at least on Kindle by, say, Sunday.

Well, think I’ll take a nap.  I’m at Chemo at the moment, and loving my iPad with Logitech keyboard allowing me to blog and write and all right here, right now.   Everyone else is either watching skanky daytime TV on the overhead screens, or talking on their phone, or dozing, or generally looking bored and unhappy in various ways.

Hey, Hugo awards nominations are open!  No, I’m not eligible this year, but my pals Delia Sherman and  Ellen Kushner are, in the Dramatic Presentation category for the excellent illuminated audiobook of their THE FALL OF THE KINGS,  about which I have enthused before at length.  So, if you are a WorldCon attendee, please do consider voting for them.


5 Responses to “Abandon ship!”

  • Sandie Says:

    We need a hat competition !! Please post an address that we can post hats to. You could send the knitted kitten to whoever sends the silliest !

    Seriously hope Chemo#2 is gentle on you and tough on the cancer.


    • Rosemary Says:

      Sandie —

      Hm… as charming a sentiment as that might be, I’m just not a silly hat person.

      I know! Kind of surpring.

      If you read just my books you’d think: No, not a silly hat person. If you read only my blog, you say: Obviously, a silly hat person!

      In fact, nope. I’ll pass on the silly hats, but thanks for the cheery thought!

      Chemo #2 turned out to be just a bit tougher than #1. I can see a trend, but it’s already 2 down and only 6 to go.

  • pointoforigin Says:

    Live-blogging your chemo–that’s very modern of you. So you’re still cutting edge even if your hair has decided to go off the grid. Hats? Scarves? A wig? Have you already made a decision, or are you going to experiment?

  • Mary Aileen Says:

    My hair did the same thing when I was having chemo (except it waited until after my second session). I spent one evening plucking myself bald; it was oddly satisfying.

  • Pete Mack Says:

    Oh no! Another case of early onset (breast?) cancer. Get Well Soon!
    >> virtual flowers <<

    — Signed,
    A Big Fan

    PS: this kind of thing is why I can't stand the vitriol against Lance Armstrong. The guy beat cancer! It's hardly a surprise he needed a lot of meds–even "illegal" ones–to compete in Tour de France after that!