Jan 19 2014

As I feared, no Boskone for me.


It happens that Boskone is falling right after my fourth chemo, and projecting ahead, I can see that I probably won’t be up for dashing about and panelizing, and holding forth on esoteric literary issues, etc.

So, I let them know today that they should remove me from the program.

I might try to come by just as a rank-and-file attendee, possibly just for a day. The panels that they wanted me on sounded really fascinating, and I’d actually love to see what the other panelists might have to say.

Other news: Predictably, Chemo 2 was a bit harder than Chemo 1, and my day-job week was thus a bit tougher to get through. I had oh-so-many plans for my time in the evening, but discovered that the actual most urgent task was sleeping. I did manage to take a half-hour walk each day, however, and that’s something I want to keep up.

Next week’s a no-chemo week, so I’m predicting that more things that I actually want to do will get the attention they warrant.

I’m trying to be realistic, and not allow my enthusiasm to make me overextend myself — but dang, I gotta do something!

Other than rockin’ the turban, that is.

With scarf by Darlene!

With scarf by Darlene!