As I feared, no Boskone for me.


It happens that Boskone is falling right after my fourth chemo, and projecting ahead, I can see that I probably won’t be up for dashing about and panelizing, and holding forth on esoteric literary issues, etc.

So, I let them know today that they should remove me from the program.

I might try to come by just as a rank-and-file attendee, possibly just for a day. The panels that they wanted me on sounded really fascinating, and I’d actually love to see what the other panelists might have to say.

Other news: Predictably, Chemo 2 was a bit harder than Chemo 1, and my day-job week was thus a bit tougher to get through. I had oh-so-many plans for my time in the evening, but discovered that the actual most urgent task was sleeping. I did manage to take a half-hour walk each day, however, and that’s something I want to keep up.

Next week’s a no-chemo week, so I’m predicting that more things that I actually want to do will get the attention they warrant.

I’m trying to be realistic, and not allow my enthusiasm to make me overextend myself — but dang, I gotta do something!

Other than rockin’ the turban, that is.

With scarf by Darlene!

With scarf by Darlene!

8 Responses to “As I feared, no Boskone for me.”

  • HeidiF Says:

    Bummer about deciding not to do something you’d looked forward to, though it was in favor of taking good care of yourself. I had some more words, but there started being lots of them, so this sums it up: heartily wishing you well!

  • pointoforigin Says:

    I had another dear friend who had breast cancer and had to do a LOT of sleeping. She once fell asleep while on the phone with me. Your body needs the respite. Just think about how all your cells are working away to make you better during your brain’s downtime. I do hope your inbetween weeks will be better!

    Anyway, you ARE rocking the turban. I was hoping some of Darlene’s scarves would make an appearance. Nice color for you!

  • Jo Walton Says:

    I will miss you at Boskone.

    But I’ll see you in the summer!

  • Lindig Says:

    Too bad they can’t set up some sort of high-tech Skype thingy so you could “be there” in electronic fabulousness. Anyhow, sleep as much as needed (the body knows) and do as much as you can and keep rocking the turban (how about orange sherbet?). Best to you always.

  • Jason H Says:

    You are an inspiration, lady! Yes, it will probably get harder as the treatments progress. It’s tough, but so are you.

    And soon, you’ll be better. Healthy again. Those poisons that are making life shitty will do their job, and kill those cells which would make your life even more shitty. Die, cancer, die!

    To you health, and long life I’ll drink tonight.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Jason —

      Hey, ave an extra drink as my stand-in, since I’m staying off booze while on chemo.

      Not that I drink much under normal circumstances. When they asked for my medical records how many drinks I had in a week, I had to do the calculations and answer in fractions.

      I’m thee chemos down, and five to go.

  • Sara J Says:

    I recently tore through the Steerswoman books and, in my post-series high, stumbled over here to find out a bit more about the person who can write such joyously logical books.

    Thank you for writing these books. I never before understood people who say they enjoy reading murder mysteries because they can try to solve it along with the main character. Now I do–as long as you replace murder with science.

    (Also, thank you for introducing me to Welcome to Night Vale. Words fail.)

    I am inexpressibly glad that your prognosis looks good, and I hope you have many healthy years to come.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Sara —

      Thanks! I try to write the kind of book I like to read, and it’s especially gratifying that plenty of other people seem to like the same thing. Aside from the prosaic fact of getting actual income, it means that there are people out there who are, at least that this way, like me.

      And especially right now, it’s a good thing to know.