Three down, five to go


Well, I thought I’d be able to do more of my own stuff last week, since it was the between-chemos week. Alas, I just ended up doing stupid amounts of extra hours at the day-job! Because I felt strong, and I could do it! And stuff was piling up. And I didn’t want to face the deadlines on urgent things hitting this week, with tons of stuff still left over from the previous weeks.

The main thing I want to be doing at the moment is getting the next ebooks out!

And of course, actual writing.

Interestingly, I seem to be able to think about writing, and intermittently do some, while they pump in my chemo. I’m there, I can’t go anywhere else. I’m pretty much stuck. It’s actually rather liberating. If people don’t interact with me a lot, my brain has a chance to go to that writing place, and do some reviewing and planning, revising and writing — to a degree. If it’s noisy, I plug in Pandora.

Of course, I can do this because I still feel pretty good. Some of the people around me in the chemo suite are visibly more unhappy than I; and I do know that things will become more difficult further down the line. I have no illusions about that.

Still, three down, five to go!

In other news: The Con or Bust auction will be starting up on February 10, and as usual I’ll have something in the auction. Possibly another hand-bound blank book; that’s what I’d like best to do. If I’m not up to that, at least some signed paperbacks.

And if you like auctions of SF/F related material, the Endicott West/Terri Windling clear-out is still going on, this time with a collection of pre-Rafaelite-related items. INCLUDING a hand-painted motorcycle jacket executed by artist Cortney Skinnner! He’s going to touch it up a bit before its next owner receives it. I saw it when it was new, and it was pretty impressive! Check out the photos.

Well, I’m off work today, being a bit shakier after this chemo session than I was after the previous. A trend, but not a steep one yet. I’m somewhat overloaded with being around people, too. When you have cancer, people look at you! All the time! And monitor things and test other things, and ask you to report on general other things. For a natural introvert, it can get a bit wearying.

However, we just had a couple of visits from two sets of dear friends, which was time well spent, I say.

But I’m glad not to have to be in the office today…

5 Responses to “Three down, five to go”

  • Lindig Says:

    Oh, if only there were something to do for you. What would help? Massage? Hot tub? Would anything help? Just keeping eyes on the ultimate goal is best, I guess. More power to you.

  • Kate Nepveu Says:

    Continue to send my best wishes. And thanks for thinking of the auction! (Anyone else interested, here’s how.)

  • Michael Grosberg Says:

    That is a bit of good news – but take it easy, don’t overtax yourself at the dayjob. Save your strength for the ebooks! I got a good friend to read The Steerswoman and now she’s clamoring for the next one.

  • pointoforigin Says:

    I’m glad you don’t have to be in the office, too! Also glad you don’t live up here, where there are insane mountains of snow everywhere and it’s about to start snowing again. I think it’s pretty cool you can write while getting chemo. You rock. You should get a special badge, or a tattoo, or something. (Is there a NaNoWriMo blog badge for “Writing with Chemo”?)

  • annefan Says:

    Be strong and healthy.
    Hopefully in a year time you’ll be out of it.

    Do you have any updates about the ebooks 2, 3 & 4?