And here’s another bit of good news…

That's right.

That’s right.

It’s the ebook version of The Outskirter’s Secret, now available on Amazon.

Oh, and also:


TLS cover small

That’s right. I said, that’s right.


Also available on Amazon…


And in celebration — what the heck, let’s drop the price of Book One:


Now only $2.99

Now only $2.99

A good time for new people to give this a try!

Also on Amazon only, so far.

And what about book 4, The Language of Power?  Well, I’ve just finished getting these two out, and now I’m due for a serious post-chemo steroid crash.   I expect to be largely asleep for the rest of this week; I got these done just under the wire.

But with the experience behind me I am absolutely certain that The Language of Power will be in Kindle form in the month of April.  I’m shooting for the first week, but if I miss that, I’ll have another down-week to deal with, and I’ll only have the energy back by the third week.  So, one of those.

For non-kindle ebook readers — I beg your indulgence.  We really are working on solving that, and we’ll probably go through Smashwords, which will send the books out through all the non-Kindle outlets.   I can’t yet provide a timeline, sorry to say…

But there it is, for now.

Really must get some sleep now — it’s 4AM on Tuesday, but it feels pretty good to get these out in the world!

More later.



18 Responses to “And here’s another bit of good news…”

  • bnanno Says:

    Currently does not let me buy from the .com site, insists I go to my country site (I usually use the UK site). Not available there: as soon as they are, I will get them!
    Have the paper versions, a couple are second-hand because they were out of print at the time.

    • Rosemary Says:

      bnanno —

      Kindle did drop me a note saying that foreign sites might take a bit longer to go live with the books. I hope they’re up by now!

  • Nonesuch Says:

    What a handsome green moth that is!

    • Rosemary Says:

      Nonesuch —

      Totally free clip-art moth. You won’t believe how many moth designs I screwed around with, trying to draw, trying figure out how much to pay for the right to use photos — And when I finally gave up an dwent to a free clip-art site, it was the first one I saw. I just had to turn it green.

  • Michael Grosberg Says:

    Wonderful news!
    The three covers work very well together. Classy, minimal (but not too much!), work well in B&W – perfectly composed for an ebook.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Michael —

      Thanks! I had fun doing them, although it was a bit frustrating. I used GIMP (which is free) instead of Photoshop (which, who can afford?), and I have to say that the manual absolutely sucks! And it’s a fairly steep learning curve, as well. But I already had some art and design skills, so — just a question of learning the software. And experimenting. And throwing out the failed experiments… I know the value of maintaining a consistent, identifiable look across the series, and keeping the b&w kindle covers in mind.

  • Sean Fagan Says:

    Purchased copies for myself, and two gift copies of each. (I can’t remember whom I gave copies to for the first one. Oops.)

  • Charlie Says:

    Perfect — on the day I received a substantial ebook only credit from the anti-trust settlement, you give me something to spend it on!


  • charles b Says:

    I really like the cover designs. These releases brightened my day which I needed. Thanks.

  • Charlie Says:

    Oh, and a reminder for those of you who are not Kindle owners and want this in ePub format. If you don’t want to wait for them, go ahead and buy the Kindle version and use Calibre to convert them. These are DRM-Free so no issues at all about conversion.

  • Pete Mack Says:

    Oooh, I’ll be picking these up soon. And I see you like music. Let me recommend 2Cellos. They rock. They also play classical music. Sometimes you can’t tell the difference. (And their ACDC Thunderstruck cover is just hilarious. Their original piece Book of Love is beautiful. Just go listen, right now.)

  • Sabine Says:

    Pete, I just listened to 2Cellos on your recommendation. They’re great, and ACDC Thunderstruck was indeed hi-larious!

  • Mage Bailey Says:

    Bravo….and sleep well.

  • Gail Says:

    I just found your series, and i love it! And i also want to tell you how absolutely awesome you are for getting the two e-books out while going through what you’re going through. May you heal and thrive and continue gifting the world with your creativity!

  • Thom Says:

    just ordered lost steersman and outskirter’s secret for kindle and apparently they’re being given away so yay

    • Rosemary Says:

      Thom —

      No, they are not being given away! However, you might have a credit on your account that you don’t know about.

      There was an antitrust settlement that went through in the last few days, because a number of publishers were accused of price-fixing on ebooks. As a result, people who bought from those publishers were given credits. Those credits are automatically applied to your next ebook purchases.

      If you bought your books from Kindle and you seem not to have been charged, that’s probably what happened. Kindle is definitely not giving the books away for free!

      Check your emails — Amazon would have sent you something letting you know about the credit.