Mar 25 2014

And here’s another bit of good news…

That's right.

That’s right.

It’s the ebook version of The Outskirter’s Secret, now available on Amazon.

Oh, and also:


TLS cover small

That’s right. I said, that’s right.


Also available on Amazon…


And in celebration — what the heck, let’s drop the price of Book One:


Now only $2.99

Now only $2.99

A good time for new people to give this a try!

Also on Amazon only, so far.

And what about book 4, The Language of Power?  Well, I’ve just finished getting these two out, and now I’m due for a serious post-chemo steroid crash.   I expect to be largely asleep for the rest of this week; I got these done just under the wire.

But with the experience behind me I am absolutely certain that The Language of Power will be in Kindle form in the month of April.  I’m shooting for the first week, but if I miss that, I’ll have another down-week to deal with, and I’ll only have the energy back by the third week.  So, one of those.

For non-kindle ebook readers — I beg your indulgence.  We really are working on solving that, and we’ll probably go through Smashwords, which will send the books out through all the non-Kindle outlets.   I can’t yet provide a timeline, sorry to say…

But there it is, for now.

Really must get some sleep now — it’s 4AM on Tuesday, but it feels pretty good to get these out in the world!

More later.