Before I forget: Interfictions Indiegogo — there’s still time to take part


The Indiegogo fundraiser for Interfiction Online (the online magazine of genre-bending, category-shattering and generally interstitial art) — I’ve mentioned them before — has met its original goal of $8500 with twelve days left in the campaign.   So now they’re heading for their stretch goal of $10,000, and you can help.

The purpose of the fundraiser is to allow them to pay their contributors a professional rate, and improve their site to include visual arts.   Paying authors and artists good rates for what they do is a goal of which I greatly approve!

So, I just went over there myself  and gave them some money.   There are various rewards for contributing, but the one I chose was $30, for which I get signed copies of their first two print anthologies, which sound delicious.

Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman had actually asked that I donate something that they could use as one of the rewards — and I COMPLETELY FORGOT.  Largely, I think, because the conversation took place the day before my surgery.  After which for some time I was, let’s say, distracted and not at my sharpest.

Then the other day I saw that they had reached their goal.  Hooray! said I, and then: Wait, what?  So I dashed over and contributed actual money.

And now I’m telling you.

You can check out the website to see what you’d be supporting, and decide if you want to participate.  And you would get cool things, too!

In other news: I continue to improve.  I’m not up to full strength yet, but getting there.  Next stage: radiation therapy.   I’ll find out when that starts in the next few days.





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