Jan 24 2015

Facebook matters


Some of you have sent me “friend” invitations on Facebook.   I have to let you know that I don’t generally accept invitations from strangers.

I actually have two Facebook accounts….

One is my personal account, mainly for family and friends (and people my actual friends want me to know), and  co-workers, and colleagues.  Plus, people in the biz with whom I am connected, or who I need to stay aware of (some people belong to all those categories).

The other is my professional Facebook “Page”, which is open to everyone. You don’t need to be invited to see the posts, and if you click on “like”, the new posts will show up on your news feed exactly as if you had friended me.

And really, when you come right down to it  — you’re not missing anything by going with the Page.   Because I almost never post directly on Facebook.   Generally, I write my blog posts right here, and then go over to Facebook and just say, “Hey, I have a new blog post!” and provide a link.  That’s basically it.  I do that in my personal account ,  and on my professional page.  And I do the same with Twitter, actually.

What I’ve got to say, I tend to say here.

I mainly use Facebook to stay on top of what everyone else I know is doing.   And I’ll comment on their posts.    But are you really interested in seeing me say “Cute!” when my pal from grade-school posts photos of her new grand-daughter?  These are not people you know!

Really, all the interesting stuff that happens in my life is said here.  When I talk about it at all, that is.  I’m just not much of a posting person.

Only exception: Twitter. While I almost never tweet on Twitter (except to provide a link to my latest blog post), once in a blue moon I’ll make some remark or other.  Usually out of frustration or boredom, when I’m trapped in an airport or something.  If you never want to miss these, I am @rkirstein.

But please don’t be offended if I reject your Facebook invitation.