Currently examining every damn thing.


Thanks for the encouragement, all.  Things are in flux at the moment…

Madeline and Aster (and Sean): I actually am looking into the Patreon idea — but I have to wait for some things to sort out before I can make a decision.  Or a bolt for freedom.  Or some such similar  act of defiance directed at the universe at large.

And if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve heard me mention Kickstarter before.  I had been lining up my plans for that…

But the interesting thing about that, surprisingly is: I might not need to do it.   Because the books have been selling.

As I said, I have to wait for some things to sort out, both at the Day Job (big shakeups in management) and in my Other Life (some medical tests — nothing to worry about, just dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, so to speak).  I’ll know more about what steps I can take by, say… the end of November?  That sounds about right.

Meanwhile, I must get home!  I’m off to visit friends this weekend, and I have to cram all  Necessary Stuff into tonight and tomorrow so that I can do Nothing But Fun all weekend.


3 Responses to “Currently examining every damn thing.”

  • A Says:

    Hey, best of luck, may it all shake out in an auspicious pattern. If you do determine to do the crowdfunding thing, I will contribute my bit.

  • Lindig Says:

    Oh, I do wish you the best! I’m always adding you to lists, and occasionally cheering when somebody does it before me. I asked Patreon how their model might work for a novelist but haven’t gotten a reply yet. I like Patreon over Kickstarter because I could send a set amount every month, forever if I wished, and Kickstarter is a one-time thing. But whatever works best for you will find me supporting you.

  • Jeff Rubinoff Says:

    Ah, I meant to ask you on Twitter how ebook sales were going!
    I have a friend, William King, who after years of writing fiction for gaming companies tried his hand at e-publishing some fiction he had in a desk drawer. Short, fast-paced Sword and Sorcery stuff like what he grew up with in the ’60s. The publishing houses are not interested in that kind of thing, but when he started publishing for himself…well, it quite changed his life. Anyway, he blogs at, you might find it interesting or even useful.