Oct 28 2015

Currently examining every damn thing.


Thanks for the encouragement, all.  Things are in flux at the moment…

Madeline and Aster (and Sean): I actually am looking into the Patreon idea — but I have to wait for some things to sort out before I can make a decision.  Or a bolt for freedom.  Or some such similar  act of defiance directed at the universe at large.

And if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve heard me mention Kickstarter before.  I had been lining up my plans for that…

But the interesting thing about that, surprisingly is: I might not need to do it.   Because the books have been selling.

As I said, I have to wait for some things to sort out, both at the Day Job (big shakeups in management) and in my Other Life (some medical tests — nothing to worry about, just dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, so to speak).  I’ll know more about what steps I can take by, say… the end of November?  That sounds about right.

Meanwhile, I must get home!  I’m off to visit friends this weekend, and I have to cram all  Necessary Stuff into tonight and tomorrow so that I can do Nothing But Fun all weekend.