May 5 2024

So, there I was…


It was the end of my working day on Friday (that would be ’round about 2AM Saturday morning), and I was just checking in on my various social media accounts before heading home…

I like to check in every now and then, since I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ALLOW my accounts to send me beeps and pings and notifications at will!   I have other things to do!  Don’t need to be interrupted randomly, thank you!  Did you know that if you’re deep into something, and you even glance at your email or social media, it takes you about 20 minutes to get back on track?

So, if I want to see what’s going on, I have decide to stop what I’m doing, and  go and look of my own free will.

Which I do.  Because my pals are wonderful, and my fans are the best (yes you are), and I follow some really interesting people. Always glad to hear what they’re up to.

This time, X-Twitter had a little note for me saying Cory Doctorow followed you.

So, I thought: Really?  Cory Doctorow? Well, that’s cool!  I’m ‘a follow him right back.  And I did.  But I also thought: I wonder what brought that on?

And when I checked in again this morning, I found out:

Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow

Rosemary Kirstein's cover for her novel 'The Steerswoman.'

Rosemary Kirstein’s “The Steerswoman” (permalink)


Doctorow is — how do I describe it? — one of the voices of the Internet Age: SF author, journalist, blogger (starting back when it cutting-edge), tech advocate, copyright activist. A commentator on the intersection between society and technology.   As an old techno-nerd myself, I’ve had him on my radar for quite a while.

And he says some really nice things about my work:

Holy moly is this a good novel! And yeah, there’s a super interesting puzzle in it that I won’t even hint at, except to say that even the book’s genre is a riddle that you’ll have enormous great fun solving.

…This book is such an unexpected marvel, a stunner of a novel filled with brilliant world-building, deft characterizations, a hard-driving plot and a bunch of great surprises.

Well.  I am, as the Brits say, chuffed.

But come to think of it, the idea of the Steerswomen really is right up Doctorow’s alley.  Heh.

Apparently it was Randall Munroe (of XKCD comics fame) who got the word to Doctorow.



And it was linguist Gretchen McCulloch who told Munroe about the books… I wonder if she’s going to be at Scintillation this year? (I am!)

You know, my friends who don’t do social media (other than Facebook), sometimes ask me what the point is.  Where else would I find out what Cory Doctorow’s up to lately (he’s on a tour for his latest book, The Bezzle) or Gretchen (new episode of her podcast “Lingthusiasm” with Lauren Gawne) , or Daniel Pinkwater (he’s put out an open call for an illustrator to collaborate with)?

One does have to be careful not to drown in it– especially if you’re a teen.   And some people get toxic comments, sad to say (and it’s mostly women who seem to be the targets).

But so far, it’s allowed me to stay in touch with writers, scientists, musicians, artists — all sorts of people who I would not run into in the course of my normal day.  It’s worth it.

I’m on X-Twitter: @rkirstein

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