Meanwhile, over on Twitter…


… Emma Watson (tweeting as @EmWatson) is starting up a book club.

A feminist book club.

Well, yes, of course I sent a tweet her way.

Including this amazon link.  Just, you know, in case.

(I tweet as @rkirstein.)

In other news: into the second week of January, and there are decisions to be made… I’ll know more shortly.

Also:  I now have insurance!  This is good.

Plus: a lot of plot that made no sense is being replaced with plot that makes sense.   It seems to be working.

Best news yet.

The cover. Just in case you happened to need the cover...

The cover.   No particular reason (walks off,  whistling innocently).

4 Responses to “Meanwhile, over on Twitter…”

  • Sean Fagan Says:

    Yay insurance! yay plot! Yes she should read the books! Most people should, in fact.

  • Lindig Says:

    I’d heard that news but since I don’t twit, I can’t participate. Sounds like things are getting sorted, which is good.

  • Anna N Says:

    The book covers are so pretty in color *_*

    Plot that makes sense is great! I recently reread Language of Power and every time I’m reminded that eventually there will be more I get excited.

  • Donna N Says:

    I point people towards your books whenever possible. Every time someone asks for something new to read, I ask, have you read the Steerswoman series? My husband even referenced the books when we were talking about kale, and he said, it’s kind of like redgrass, almost inedible.