Nov 16 2016

Hunkered down, digging in, clearing the decks, gearing up


Just so’s you know.

I’ll be treating that Florida house-sitting trip as a writing retreat… Traditionally I don’t post much during those, but you might hear from me now and then.

Right now I’m:

a) writing hard, so as not to lose momentum while I

b) figure out what I need to bring, and gather it all, including some documents required for more Chores of Officialdom, and

c) trying to take care of everything that needs to be taken care of here before going there, and

d) thinking ahead to the holidays for which I will not be actually at home, so plans must be managed remotely, and thank you Internet.

And some other plans that are afoot…

Well.  Much to do.

In other news, a  shout out to some people who wrote some rather nice reviews:

Christina Vasilevski reviews both books and tea, two things which I can vouch go together very well.  I think it’s a charming idea, and you should definitely pop over and see what’s new.   She has pledged to write thirty (short) reviews for November (in honor of National Novel Writing Month AKA NaNoWriMo), and there I am, on November 3rd. What’s more, Christina is herself a writer — She provides (and edits) content for the business world. 

More recently, Justin Howe has reviewed the series on his 10 Bad Habits blog; apparently he read the old paperback versions, with those overly-spoilerish covers. (Especially for The Outskirter’s Secret. Ouch. Del Rey called it a marketing decision, but Yikes!)  Justin is also a writer, and a frequent contributor to the online magazine Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

Well.  Back to my doings.

More later…

(PS: At some point I’ll say something about the election.  Not yet.  Can’t quite bring myself to, yet.)