May 20 2017

Slight change of plan


Original plan for yesterday: Head over to my office; answer emails, & catch up on news; review my recent work on Book 5;  autograph, package and mail out two books for the winners of the Con or Bust auction; take a walk; do new work on Book 5; play some guitar; read; work on the book some more; more guitar or some handicrafts; go home.

Revised plan: Wake up from a dream that someone was stabbing me in the back; realize it’s a kidney stone attack; attempt to tough it out with ibuprofen and lots of water; give up after 12 hours, and have my sister drive me to the ER; wait around for many more hours; get some heavy duty pain meds; see the ER doc; get a cat scan; get prescription for more meds; go home.

Original plan for today: similar to original plan for yesterday

Revised plan for today: sleep off massive hangover from yesterday’s meds; eat chicken soup; watch TV; more sleep.

I must again thank my wonderful sister, who gave up a night’s work to shuttle me around, and sit by me in the ER, and pick up my prescription in the morning, and make me soup.  Things would have been utterly dreadful without her.

We did get to watch part of Home Alone Two and Independence Day on the ER room’s TV.   None of which was particularly entertaining to me — until I got Dilaudid, after which everything was entertaining, including the cat scan.

This was very inconvenient, and not according to plan!  The Genrettes meeting had been postponed to the 28th and I was hoping to crank out some more wordage for them to consider.  Instead, we’ll probably have to make do with what I sent them for the originally planned meeting.

Thus, I grumble.

Ah, well.   Time for more meds.   And some TV.  And soup.

PS: did you know that they changed the design of the stars in Campbell’s chicken & stars soup?  True fact.