Sep 4 2017

News about people who are not me


Geary Gravel’s Fading Worlds books are coming back into print, starting with A Key for the Nonesuch.

Aside from being a pal, Geary is a writer whose work I really enjoy (these two facts are possibly not unrelated).  His Fading Worlds books answer the question: What if a regular, normal person was dropped into an Edgar Rice Burroughs-ish adventure?

Well.  Howard Bell does rise to the occasion.

And I happen to know for a fact that the second book, Return of the Breakneck Boys, is also in the pipeline for republication Real Soon Now.  And that subsequent volumes of the series are in the works.  (True fact.  I have had the pleasure of reading bits of them.)

Why there’s the famous author right now, chuckling in a worldly-wise manner over his aperitif.

Looks like at the moment only the paperback version is out, but I know that an ebook is soon to come.

Which I shall instantly snatch up.

ETA: Here’s the paperback version on

(Inexplicably, the paperback and Kindle versions aren’t linked to each other… if you go to one and click on “see all formats” it does not show you the other format!  But it does exist in both formats. )

Sep 4 2017

Why do I always leave blogging until the end of my work day?


You’d think I’d learn.

I sat down to blog, and then realized that my website needed some updating in the sidebar sections (specifically, links to the new paperback version of The Steerswoman).

And then a few other tweaks…

And then some fixes…

And now: time’s up! Must go home and actually sleep.

Here are some quick pics from the eclipse trip:

A very nice family hanging out right next to us in Bicentennial Park in Maryville, Tennessee


Panorama — click to embiggen.

No photos of totality, as I was too busy lookin’!  (It’s the one time it’s safe to look.)

Indian Echo Cavern in Harrisburg PA