Radio silence due to scrambling to get the rest of the paperbacks done.


Delays!  Due to the fact that The Outskirter’s Secret is significantly longer than The Steerswoman.  Thought I could use the same format, and just paste in the different text and cover, but nope.  Had to move to a larger size.

Requiring lots of other adjustments.  And errors. And fixes. And more adjustments.  And now I am behind schedule, and so must scramble.


Yeah, there are no typos on this, are there? You’d tell me if there were, right? (You can click to embiggen.)

Ah, remember the good ol’ days when I was traditionally published (by Random House/Ballantine/Del Rey)?  They had people to do all this!

Oh, right.  The books went out of print.  That’s why it’s all in my hands now.

Well, y0u know, I actually do enjoy it. I’m arty, I’m nerdy, I’m tech-savvy — this taps my other skills.  And when the current story itself is being recalcitrant, at least here’s a task that succumbs to dogged determination.

But if I want them available by Christmas, I’d better get going!


5 Responses to “Radio silence due to scrambling to get the rest of the paperbacks done.”

  • Brian Says:

    I embiggened, as requested, and diligently scrutinized all the words. The only thing I would suggest is that you might need an m-dash, instead of the two hyphens after “opposite side of the world”. Jo Walton’s testimonial uses an m-dash.

  • Evelyn Says:

    Seconding the em dash, also maybe add a period after Guidestar in the first paragraph? Other than that, looks great!

  • Arifel Says:

    Hiya, on the proofreading, you’re also missing a period at the end of the first paragraph in white, and for consistency I think you want to lose the period after Jo Walton’s review. Good luck with it!

  • Rosemary Says:

    Thanks, all! Also: Dang. But thanks!

    Fixing back-copy is tricker than fixing internal typos. And I have, unfortunately, bunches of those, too.

    I see plenty of work ahead…

  • rosemary Says:

    This is just a test post. Why am I doing this? Because apparently WordPress has stopped automatically notifying me when there’s a new comment on a post. Let’s see if I managed to fix that…