Mar 13 2018

Cat Rambo interviews Athena Andreadis about To Shape the Dark


More on the Feminist Futures StoryBundle (of which I am a part), with StoryBundle curator Cat Rambo talking to Athena Andreadis about the anthology To Shape the Dark.  The theme was women in science, and Andreadis discusses approaching writers whose work she especially likes, hoping they’d contribute a story.  Hearing her reminded me of the stories I particularly liked, myself, and I really must say that this anthology is well worth acquiring!

And you can acquire it easily by acquiring the StoryBundle.  Easy!


Also, here’s an especially neat anecdote about Vonda McIntyre’s Starfarer series (also in the bundle) and the unusual way by which it came to existence at all…

In completely unrelated news, the latest snowstorm wasn’t so very bad after all, and the new accumulation around here has already turned into melted water, for the most part, — and treacherously turning into ice on all surfaces.  Luckily, this was one of my at-home days, taking care of my non-creative, general-life chores, so no driving was neccessary.  Back to the office tomorrow…