If it’s not one thing, it’s another…


… which, of course, is a true statement about existence in general, really.  Because if it’s not one thing, it pretty much has to be another.  Those are the only actual alternatives.

But in this case it’s : just when you think you’re completed some specific task that’s been taking up all your time for, oh, a couple of months, causing you to neglect all sorts of stuff, and you can now catch your breath, catch up on sleep, catch up up on people, relax, reconfigure, settle in and get things  on an even keel —

— just then something else pops up that needs your attention and action Right Now.

Not a bad thing; no, no, quite the opposite.   A nice thing.  And one that needs being done immediately.

Well.  Do the thing, of course.  And glad to do it!

But, it means that the people you want to catch up with, and respond to (and apologize to!) have to wait a bit longer.  Which, fact, of course, merits its own apology…

Anyway, more about the Sudden Thing shortly (she said mysteriously).

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