Any minute now…


Well, any time in about the next 72 hours, that is.  I just okayed the larger-format version of The Steerswoman, and KDP is now doing its final review.

In the meantime, I’ve unpublished the small-format version.  Which means that for a few days,  you can’t buy any paperback version of The Steerswoman at all… except, I just checked, and it looks like the “unpublish” command hasn’t taken effect yet.  Well, it takes time to promulgate across the system, I suppose.

Passing review is pretty much a formality; I’ve already proofed and checked this thing in every way possible — and so has KDP.  Only major problems would cause the book to be unpublishable at this point, and we haven’t found anything that bad yet, so I’m sure it’s fine.  “In Review” is probably what they say instead of “Keep yer shirt on, we’re working on it.”

One thing I don’t know is how long it will take for the new edition to be available for bookstores to order.  I believe that’s going to be longer than 72 hours…

Oh, and Canada.  Inexplicably takes a while to catch up.  Could be a couple of weeks.

In other news:

The list of Hugo Award nominees is out!  I’m sure you’ve already seen it.  But on the off-chance that you read no other blogs, no other SFF news, and don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account  — well, take a moment and click over to the official Hugo Award Website for the list.

And please notice that Jo Walton is on the list, for “Best Related Work,” An Informal History of the Hugos: A Personal Look Back at the Hugo Awards, 1953-2000.

This book is not only a great resource, it’s wonderfully entertaining, as Jo gives us her take on the previous Hugo winners (those that she has read), as well as an overview of what what else was available each year.  It’s eye-opening, and fun.

And Jo has a new book coming out on May 28th:

Lent by [Walton, Jo]

I got a chance to hear Jo read a chapter of Lent at the Scintillation convention in Montreal last year, and I loved it.  Can’t wait for it to show up on my Kindle (I’ve pre-ordered).


Also, let’s not forget that Laurie J. Marks’ final volume of her Elemental Logic series, Air Logic, will be out on June 4.

It just got a great review from Publisher’s Weekly, but you know what?  Don’t read that review! They give too much of the plot away in their reviews!  This is because Publishers Weekly is aimed at booksellers and libraries and people in the biz — that is, people who might not actually read the book, but want to know about it, and need to decide if they should to stock it to sell, or to make available to library patrons.

But you do want to read it, so — no spoilers, right?

Here’s the non-spoilery part of their review:

“Marks brings her much-loved, long-unavailable Elemental Logic series (most recently 2007’s Water Logic, and all recently republished by Small Beer) to a superb finale in this fourth novel set in the world of Shaftal, where the four primary elements determine allegiances among the people, inspire magic, and create turmoil when thrown into imbalance….. The fullness with which Marks has thought out the particulars of her world and its characters, and the logic by which her story’s events proceed, complete an extraordinary fantasy saga that’s well worth revisiting or exploring for the first time.”  — Publishers Weekly

In other other news:

Inexplicably, on April 10, forty-seven people bought copies of my ebooks.  Usually, a bump like that can be traced to a review or something, but all Google can find is one quick mention in a comment stream answering a question by someone on Reddit.  You wouldn’t think that would be enough for that big a bump. But I am not complaining, just reporting.

11 Responses to “Any minute now…”

  • Sean Eric Fagan Says:

    Oh, wow, rereading the nominee list reminded me of how hard the Chambers book hit me. (My notes for it say I cried multiple times while reading it.)

  • Graham Says:

    Your sales bump must have been the mention by Slate Star Codex author Scott Alexander.

    Scott is hugely respected by his very large fan base in the rationality community.

    • Rosemary Says:

      I missed that one! Probably due to the fact that when I search, I search on “Rosemary Kirstein” and nowhere in his review does he actually mention my name. But it’s nicely visible on the cover image, and there are links to the Amazon sales page, so that was very good of him.

  • Graham Says:

    btw if you feel like a boost read the comments on that thread where there are some big Steerswoman fans. I’m a big fan and have converted two of my friends. Now we’re all waiting patiently for #5.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Ha! It’s fun to see the commenters pick up the ball on all the things Alexander didn’t notice. Also, nice of them to use Rot 13 to encrypt the spoilers!

  • Anna Says:

    Huh, bookstores can order them? I thought I could only get them via amazon, but that is even better.

  • Diane Says:

    You and your books were mentioned in a blog posting about writers that the author (and commenters) hoped would publish more or more frequently. That’s why I’m one of the people who just bought all your e-books. I have no idea how I missed them when they first appeared, but I’m immensely pleased to have found them now. Late to the party, but I at least got to binge-read all four straight through. Thank you! Looking forward to the next book, whenever it appears.

  • Nat Says:

    A member of an organization I’m apart of recently published a review, and at least led to around 20 purchases:

    I’ve since devoured all four books and am in love and telling everyone I meet about how wonderful the series is.

  • Rosemary Says:

    Thanks for the link. And thanks for the good words, and word-of-mouth signal boost!

  • Nina D'Andrade Says:

    I just finished your four books and I’m already missing Rowan and Bel. Thank you so much, I loved them! I’m eagerly awaiting The City in the Crags. I also loved the Laurie J. Marks Elemental Logic series, and hadn’t heard about Air Logic, so thanks for that too. You are both two of my favorites, such a coincidence!

  • Rosemary Says:

    Aw, thanks! I’ll mention your kind words to Laurie the next time I see her.