Did I not mention?


Yes, the larger-sized edition of The Steerswoman is up and live!



It seemed to take an inordinately long time to show up, after I approved the final version.  Even after they told me it was live, all I could see on Amazon.com was the older, smaller version.  And then I started poking around Amazon, and discovered that the new book could only be found if you went first to the Kindle book, and from there selected “paperback.”  This seemed very odd to me…

And any search on my name or “The Steerswoman” preferentially led directly to the older edition.  Even though I had officially unpublished it — it was still on sale, and searches led you there instead of the new edition!  I was tearing my hair out!

Then I looked closer, and saw “ONLY ONE COPY LEFT IN STOCK — PURCHASE SOON!”


Amazon had one copy of the smaller edition left, and until that one was gone, they were going to keep pushing it at you.   You would not automatically be led to the new edition until then.

Well, heck, I said.

So I bought it.

And everything fell right into line.  Lovely.

And the books are all of the same size now, the better to line up on your bookshelf.


Grey bar across the title is there because that’s a proof copy. It says “Not for resale.”

And here’s another advantage to the larger format: lower production cost.  Because it’s calculated by page-count, and bigger pages mean more words per page,  and fewer pages.

So, that could mean a bigger royalty for me.  Or…

What the heck:  I lowered the selling price.

The smaller edition was $13.50  USD;  the larger edition is $11.99.  Pretty much the same royalty on my end, but a more tempting price for the purchaser.  Why not?

Of course, now I have in my hands the very last copy of the smaller format.   Which I don’t actually need…

Anybody want it?

Free to a good home.

How about this?  The first person who posts, in the comments of this blog, an accurate physical description of the steerswoman Keridwen — I’ll send you the last small-format copy of The Steerswoman.

And it has to be in the comment section of this blog.  NOT a Facebook comment.  Right here.

Of course, you probably already have a copy.  At least an ebook copy.  But hey, you’ve friends, right?

7 Responses to “Did I not mention?”

  • Terry Says:

    From first appearance:
    “A woman twice age, dark-haired, dark-skinned, blue-eyed. Keridwen, the chart-mistress.”

    • Terry Says:

      Twice [Rowan’s] age! Apparently angle brackets are escaped characters, oops!

    • Rosemar Says:

      The winner! And just two hours after I posted, too. The advantage of me staying up late and you getting up early.

      So, contact me through email (at the address in the right-hand column of this page), and tell me your street address! I send the book out to you ASAP!

  • Jan Dreske Says:

    I just wanted to order the new one on Amazon. Apparently, the concept of pushing the leftover stock on people works per fulfillment center or something, on Amazon Austria I get a “only 2 left” and no way to select the bigger format.
    Or does it maybe need time to propagate through the various Amazon regions? If I order through the link above, I pay more for shipping than for the book, so maybe I wait just a bit longer 🙂

    • Rosemary Says:

      Jan —

      What’s the URL you used for Amazon in Austria? I tried amazon.at, but it redirected me to amazon.de, where they’re showing the new edition, not the old one.

  • Lora Lunt Says:

    I have just finished re-reading the first 3 volumes, can’t find where i put the 4th, The Language of Power is not in our library system (so I just suggested the series), and i am about ready to write the conclusion myself!! Which way will you go to establish peace but also allow Earth-human life to continue? …thinking more and more how we are treating human beings as non-human these days, those trying to seek refuge here and those First nations people who are still treated as non-humans,disregarded, disenfranchised, even disappeared without the police caring.
    And the proponents of peace may be struck down by their own kind – I had forgotten that part. (after all it has been 15 years since I read The Lost Steersman). Where do you go from here? Where do we go?

  • Amanda Bankier Says:

    I love your method of solving the one leftover book problem! And your choice to pass it on, as well as balancing the encouragement of sales of the new size with your royalty.

    As for this: “And then I started poking around Amazon, and discovered that the new book could only be found if you went first to the Kindle book, and from there selected “paperback.” This seemed very odd to me…”, it is the bane of my life. I haven’t opted out of Amazon’s “here’s a new book for you” emails, since occasionally they let me know about something I might otherwise have missed. But although I have never bought a Kindle edition the link always takes me to that page, and the place where you can choose a paperback or hardcover edition is not always obvious. They never give up. Of course they have no way of knowing I was turned off the whole idea of Kindles the first time I read about their concept of the library that they control rather than letting people own the file, but every single time I decide to check out one of the books they are offering my decision never to own a Kindle or even read a .mobi file on a computer application becomes more adamant!