Quick note before Readercon


My reading is at 6:30 on Friday night!

I dearly hope we don’t get held up by the rush hour that starts around noon on Fridays in summer.   There’s simply no way to avoid Friday summer traffic in the Boston area.  The hotel, in Quincy, is just south of Boston, and sits on a confluence of three or four highways.  Last year, I spent four and a half hours driving what should have been about two hours.

And my kaffeeklatsch is at 9PM.  9PM?  Who’s drinking coffee at that hour?  And not only that, I’ve been informed that we are Simply Not Allowed to bring goodies, such as cookies.  It’s against Readercon’s agreement with the hotel.  Last time I brought Oreos.  This time, I dare not take the chance, as with my luck, I’ll be the one person they use as an example to everyone else!

I’ve also been Informed in No Uncertain Terms that we cannot sell books at our autographing.  Hm.  I wonder how many people will stick to that — but I shall.  Because: see above.

In other news, Laurie J Marks will be there briefly on Saturday, signing books in the dealer’s room at Reckoning Press table at 3PM.  She’s not an official program participant, so that will be your chance to see her, if you’re of a mind.

I haven’t completely decided what I’ll do for my reading… I’ve read lots of bits from Book 5  previously.  I’ve pretty much used up the non-spoilery possible excerpts.  I’d prefer to not repeat myself — but I might have to.  Or, I’ll read a group of very short excerpts, far enough apart from each other to not comprise any spoilers… Or something else entirely. Hm.  I’m down to the wire here, I have to decide!

Well.  Must go and pack and select and all.

In other news: new bird identified.

Black-crowned night heron.

Not a good photo, but I watched him a while, and accumulated quite a clear impression.  I’ve never seen his like before, but I’m told they’re not uncommon around here.


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