Emerging from blogging limbo to tell you about N.K. Jemisin


N.K. Jemisin — the only person ever to win the Hugo Award for Best Novel three years straight has just been named a MacArthur Fellow. That’s the formal name of what we generally refer to as the “Genius” grant.


It’s just so nice to hear some good news in the midst of the shit-storm that is 2020. SpecFic writer!  Hugo winner! Genius grant recipient! Warms the cockles of my heart.

This is the first book of  the trilogy that won all those Hugos:

The Fifth Season (The Broken Earth Book 1) by [N. K. Jemisin]


And here’s the first book in her current trilogy:

The City We Became: A Novel (The Great Cities Trilogy Book 1) by [N. K. Jemisin]

And oh, look: you can read a short story of hers for free on Tor.com. Which I really enjoyed — and which connects to The City We Became, I believe…

I’m so pleased by all this.


In other news: yeah, I haven’t been blogging lately, being brought down by a) the crapfest that is the year 2020 in general, which is itself enough to cause one to stare off into the distance bleary-eyed, asking WTF tell me again how we ended up here?; and b) personal crap that I still have to wade through (nothing dire, I assure you; merely emotional-energy-consuming).

Hope you’re all holding up.




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