Nov 8 2020

Oh, thank goodness that’s over


Well, not entirely over, of course. Not until Inauguration Day.

And there’s bound to be a certain amount of whining, posturing, and two-fisted Twittering on the part of the Toddler-in-Chief, in the meantime. But it’s all just noise, folks.

Somewhat more worrisome are the possible actions of some of the swamp-creatures dredged up at his instigation. By which I mean QAnon and the Proud Boys, and that sort. But without him egging them on for the sake of increasing his own brand-recognition and TV ratings — well, I do believe they’ll fade back into the background, in due time.

Meanwhile, here’s a nice little combination of retro nerdiness and sheer virtuosity. I’ve been whistling this all day.

I’m ‘a make it my new theme song, I think.

Nov 2 2020

Emerging from blog limbo to say a few things about the election.


With all the difficult, miserable, unpleasant and scary things going on simultaneously right now, I thought I’d step up and remind you that this is probably the most critical national election in which you personally will ever participate.

That is, I certainly hope it’s the most critical. I dearly hope that there isn’t worse crap headed our way that would cause some future vote to be even more dreadful than this one.

Right. Well.

That being the case, I thought I’d let you know what I thought of Donald Trump —

— wait a moment.

Do you actually need me to tell you what I think of Trump?

I mean: you’ve read my books, right?

I’m assuming that you’re here because you’ve read my books. Really, there’s no other particular attraction to bring you here. It’s just a blog by some woman who wrote some books you’ve read. And probably liked.

Those books about a woman whose life is dedicated to truth.

Those books about logic, reason, science, and passionate devotion to the act of discovery — the better to understand the world, the real world.

Those books about finding truth, and sharing truth.

Those books about learning to see through the illusions and falsehoods; about standing up against the lies that being used to manipulate you.

Those books where the bad guys create divisions, force everyone to one side or the other side, and literally send you to war against each other — all for the sake of maintaining their place in power.

Those books where facts matter, where reality matters, where people matter.

You don’t need me to tell you what I think of Trump.

Human beings have two things: our lives, and our minds.

Anyone promoting ignorance, generating ignorance, and feeding off of ignorance is acting against humankind.

If you haven’t already voted, please do it. Don’t sit this one out.