Can I possibly post this before January ends?


Answer: I can if the post is short enough, and I do it quickly enough.

I entirely missed writing a post in December, and that’s a state I do not want to continue.

I did miss posting quite a lot last year, due to accumulating Personal Life Crap, and escalating State of the World Crap. Gosh, 2020 was the worst.

Over now! And of the two major ongoing World Crap disasters, only one remains.

Hm. I seem to recall saying something like that in my last post… and it turned out to be not quite true…

Well. Let’s not jinx this, hey?

As for my Personal Life Crap — things are looking up.

More later, as the clock is about to hit tomorrow (I work at night), and tomorrow is no longer January.

Quick Pic: Here’s my new black board, replacing my old white board.  Yes, I’m now using neon markers that glow in blacklight.

4 Responses to “Can I possibly post this before January ends?”

  • Nathan Says:

    I am a fan of blackboards over whiteboards, and now I have one more awesome reason why. 🙂

    • Rosemary Says:

      I just got tired of that whiteboard blasting light at me! I like to work in a darkened room, but the whiteboard made it never feel dark enough. So I thought I’d like a blackboard, but it turns out that I love it! It’s crowded in this picture, but when its empty except for the thing that I’m thinking about, it really helps concentrate one’s attention.

  • Laura Merz Says:

    Eyes blackboard with numbering under the heading “book 5” in covetous anticipation…