Currently still inundated with inundations…


Just letting you know that I’m still here, but dealing with a plethora of events and responsibilities that each LOUDLY AND IMMEDIATELY require my attention.

This is what having kids must be like…

Anyway:  The blog will become more active presently.  Meanwhile, here’s someone who visited my office for a couple of days:

I call him Major Tom.


2 Responses to “Currently still inundated with inundations…”

  • Bryan Says:

    Major Tom was a gorgeous creature!

    And mostly popping by as a long time fan, just to say how much pleasure and interesting thoughts your books have brought me, on each of the three read-throughs I’ve done so far. (I have the new editions so I’m sure there will be at least a fourth at some point).

    I hope that the rest of your year brings less inundations and must-do-now interrupts.

  • Hara Says:

    Finished the four Steerswoman books in as many weeks. Cannot. Wait. For the rest.