So… 2024?


I’m hoping for 2024 to be an improvement on 2023… but it’s an election year, so the public sphere could get noisy and nasty and generally unpleasant!

But in the private sphere, it’s possible for each of us to have a much better year, and I hope that we all do.

My 2023 was filled with a lot of distractions and random non-life-threatening urgencies, and I dropped a whole lot of balls and missed many, many boats.  Hoping to do much better this time around– and plans to make that happen are in place.

Other plans for this year include heading to Utah in February to participate in Life, the Universe, and Everything, (not a convention, but a symposium), and later getting myself to Texas for the total eclipse.

Meanwhile, trying to improve things, generally.  I redesigned my desk space for better physical comfort and mental focus.  And my new laptop, a Lenovo ThinkPad Nano, allows me to roam more freely, while having enough speed and memory to power my various contiguously-running applications when I’m in the office.

Central portrait screen is good for seeing a lot of text at once.

I have projects in progress, and despite last year’s stumbles, I’m generally hopeful, and hard at work… we’ll see how things pan out.

I hope that your own new year brings you all you need, and some lovely things that you didn’t know you wanted but are happy to have!


Me, 2024.  Hanging out in my office. Unwashed hair, and no makeup, because I’m an artist, dammit!

13 Responses to “So… 2024?”

  • Hanne Says:

    Of the many copies of The Steerswoman I sent out as gifts this year, seven went to the state of Utah! Perhaps someone will be reading one as you fly into Salt Lake. 🙂

    It’s so great to a post from you, especially since you’re feeling hopeful. Wishing you a happy 2024.

  • Lu Says:

    Best of luck in 2024! Thanks for your past posts and books; looking forward to more 🙂

  • Sean Says:

    Happy New Year, and good luck with your projects! I read the four published Steerswoman books in rapid succession last year, and am looking forward to more.

  • Aster Says:

    Happy New Year. Just as a hopefully happy-making thing, I lent the first two Steerswoman books to my mom over Christmas. She’s trying to get back into reading, so I was crawling through my bookshelves for actual physical books I thought she’d like. 🙂

  • Jo Walton Says:

    You’re going to make it to Scintillation this time, right?

    Happy New Year!

  • Laura Says:

    Happy New Year. Also, I definitely did not try to embiggen the photo of your computer screen in an attempt to see if those words are from book 5 before reading the photo tag…

  • Anika Says:

    So glad you’ve got plans for 2024. Mine started off rocky but has rapidly improved. Not sure where life is going to take me but I’m now actually looking forward to the journey, for the first time in a while.

    Also trying to get back into rereading my best books. I’m on my third one, (The Lost Steersman) and am loving the detailed though processes your characters show. Am doing a mix of physical and ebook, as I’m also trying to get back into reading physical books (so muche easier on my phone ).

    Anyway, all the best for all of us in 2024!

    • Rosemary Says:

      I’m also trying to read more physical books… I feel that it encourages a more sustained focus. Currently re-reading some Neil Gaiman (ANANSI BOYS and AMERICAN GODS). Damn, he’s good.