Nov 10 2012

Hope you had a lovely Carl Sagan Day


November 9th being the birthday of Carl Sagan, and an unofficial holiday to lovers of science.

We had cake!

I had wanted to make a cake.   Actually, I have a brilliant idea for a Carl Sagan Day cake, which would be delicious, symbolic, and scientifically accurate — but it would require experimentation (as all good science does), and I just haven’t had the TIME!

So, at the last minute (“Aw, geez, it’s Carl  Sagan Day already?  We need cake!”)  I nabbed a generic cake at the local Stop & Shop.

I wanted something blue.   I also wanted stars, but had to settle for blue.

Not many cakes are blue, except for those that resemble the Cookie Monster.

So I settled for the presence of blue in some form, which in this case took the form of roses.



If we must have flowers, at least these are blue roses, which exist only in the imagination.   And on cake.

Generic birthday cake.


But stars!   I must have stars!

I searched the cake-decoration section of the grocery store, hoping for stars to sprinkle across the cake.  Alas, none.

But I found colored sugar.  Hm….

A little creative snipping of paper stencils, some sprinkling of blue and gold sugar, and then —


So, the blue roses are the nebulas, the white cake is the cosmic background radiation...

It needed more stars, but it's a small cake!

There.  Stars.


happy cat mug is happy there is cake

It all its glory.

Well, not bad for last-minute!

Now ask me how long it lasted.

Of course the roses went first.   I am a sucker for frosting roses.

For a store-bought cake, really excellent chocolate, and a fluffy frosting.


You could still go and get some cake!   Carl won’t mind if you’re a day late.


UPDATE: Hey, I just found out about