May 24 2010

Lost [SPOILERS!! plus: blah]


Blah blah blah blah half of it was just a dream, ha ha ha we got you to invest your emotions in stuff that didn’t even really happen! blah blah.

Yadda yadda, the people doing the dreaming were dead, bet you didn’t expect that, ha ha blah blah blah.

OOEEOO white light = deep spirituality everybody knows that, yadda yadda.

Blah blah really good stuff that we won’t bother explaining because we don’t understand it ourselves, we only stumbled on it by accident OMG what do we do now, oh, look here’s a carpet, shove it under, blah blah.

PLUS: Blah blah “not science fiction” yadda yadda.

Also: Where was Michael and Walt?

And: Dogs, apparently, do not go to heaven.

For something more coherent, go to Catherynne M. Valenti’s post on the subject. Which she wrote, like, five days BEFORE the Lost finale.

Sample quote:

….the difference between realism and non-realism is that realism has no interest in consistent world-building or rules, or even making anything have narrative logic, because those artists think their work takes place in the real world and therefore requires none of these things. The real world is already built, yo. It doesn’t need explanations.

And this:

There is literally not a single realist show that could not be made more awesome by adding robots, monsters, time travel, or magic. You can try to come up with one, but you will fail. Why do you think Buffy and her unfortunately step-children The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, etc are so loved? Because they are 90210 with vampires, and that is better than just regular 90210.

Don’t just read quotes! Go there!
[Note: Contains expletives — AS IT SHOULD!]