Jun 5 2010

Why I’m not going to Readercon this year… (Reason One)


So, I thought to myself, “You know what would be neat? If I had a bunch of time off before Readercon, so that I could think about the panels and not be all rushed and frantic when I got to the convention.” So I requested the Paid Days Off from my boss and Human Resources, and there you go: a whole week off before Readercon.

And then I thought, “You know what else would be neat? If I had a couple of days off after Readercon, so I could just hang out with my pals, and talk shop, and life, and science fiction and stuff.” And I got those days off from work, too.

Then the pals in question decided not to come to Readercon…

And I thought, “Well, that’s okay, because what I could do with those days after Readercon, is maybe try to get some actual writing in…”

And that’s when the ton of bricks hit me.

If I skip Readercon entirely I will have (counting weekends) eleven contiguous days in which I can just immerse myself in actual WRITING. I can clear the decks entirely, and not have to worry about DayJob issues, and keep whatever hours I choose, and not have to try to write in 1-hour blocks, which never works well for me, and …

Well, there you are.

So I sent Readercon my regrets, and now I’m just counting the days to when I can FORGET ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE!

I YOU were planning on attending Readercon, and looking forward to seeing me there, I apologize. And remember: Readercon is one of the best of the smaller conventions, and time spent there is time well spent.

There is a very slim chance that (if things are going really, really, well with my writing), I might pop by for a day, as a paying attendee, not as a program participant. But only a chance. (Seriously, these panels sound so cool that I wish I didn’t have to miss them.)

So, that’s my plan.

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Oh — Why the “reason one” in the title, above?

Because there might be a second reason… ask me again on Friday.