Sep 23 2010



Ah, yes, homegrown vegetables! from sabine's garden

Nothing like ’em. No doubt about it, everyone loves homegrown — hey! Hey YOU!

intruder alert!

Yeah you! That’s right, I’m talkin’ to you!

nom nom nom nom -- wha?

What are you doing? Get outta here!

Cheeze it, the narcs!

Sheesh. Some people.

In other news:

Fingertips still pins-and-needles, although less pointy-sticky ones.
Working lots of DayJob overtime to try to catch up on what wasn’t done while I was out.
Going to the gym. Lots.

Thus, my quiet for the last couple of weeks.

I came back here to find a gazillion (for values of “gazillion” fairly close to 100) spam comments, which I deleted. I did it rather fast. I think they were all real spam, but if your comment accidentally got sent to the spam queue, sorry. You might want to re-comment if you’ve said something within the last two weeks, and I haven’t replied.

Meanwhile, must rush off to the DayJob, where the whole day will be devoted to the annual Company Meeting, which will be first Business, and then some (cough) “fun” events.

It is rumored that a stage hypnotist will appear.

Yah. That was my reaction, too.

Hijinks, as they say, will ensue.

Sure am lookin’ forward to them there hijinks.