Oct 10 2012

Creative use of wallpaper


Not only has this one been rebound– some appropriate wallpaper was scavenged as a dust-jacket:

We know how old the book is -- wonder how old the wallpaper is?

pretty big image for a wallpaper, actually


“Taking things by and large, as sailors say, I got on fairly well in the matter of provisions even on the long voyage across the Pacific.  I found always some small stores to help the fare of luxuries; what I lacked of fresh meat was made up in fresh fish, at least while in the trade-winds, where flying-fish crossing on the wing at night would hit the sails and fall on the deck, sometimes two or three of them, sometimes a dozen.  Every night except where the moon was large I got a bountiful supply by merely picking them up from the lee scuppers.”

–  Sailing Alone Around the World by Captain Joshua Slocum, The Century Co., 1907