Oct 17 2015

Nearest thing on Earth to the Outskirts


Over on Twitter, Nicole (@nlisa) directed my attention to this:


I don’t want to post the actual photo without permission (I’m pretty sure I’d violate copyright law by snagging and publishing).   But do follow the link above and take a look.

It’s now doing duty as my desktop background.  I look at it lots.  Especially as this week was officially Day Job Hell Week, to be followed by Son of Day Job Hell Week, coming soon to a theater of life near me.

And then I can stop and breathe.  And think.

In other news:  I saw The Martian!   I’d like to write a review but, no time right now.  Short version: Yes, yes, do go see it.  Also, read the book by Andy Weir.  Do both of those things, in whichever order you like.  Works both ways.