Nov 6 2012

What country are you living in?


How would you like to live in a country where all your decisions were made for you?   Where the things that affect you are completely outside of your control?

A country where those with power wield it however they please, regardless of what you want; a country where none of your knowledge, hopes of beliefs make any difference; a country where you are subject to the will of others, where you have no choice, where you have no voice at all.

Sounds like oppression?

You wouldn’t like to live in that country, would you?

Well, maybe you already do.

If you don’t vote, other people decide for you.   Other people choose the laws you live under, and how you’re going to live.

And whatever you want is irrelevant, outside of your control.   You are ruled by others.

What country do you live in?   What country do you want to live in?

You need to vote.   Go do it.