Oct 21 2013

As you may have noticed… (Plus: out-take)


I’m still digging in on the writing, and will continue for the rest of October. Hence, blog posts remain far between. I had been spending a lot of time wrapped up in peripheral writing-related and writing-supportive activities, when it occurred to me that the best writing-related and writing-supportive activity of all was — hello!– WRITING! So I’ve let pretty much everything else sit on the sidelines and cool its heels for a while.

The 4-day dayjob work week is still very helpful — although the reduction in take-home pay does require some careful attention to my weekly spending!

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, I managed to score some days off in November, and I once again have the whole sweep from the weekend before until the weekend after completely free. I’m planning on doing my usual thing of skipping the holiday entirely, leaving my sister to her own devices, and decamping to an undisclosed location for a whole bunch of talking to no one and doing nothing but writing, thinking deep thoughts, and contemplating the universe.

Presently searching for a location to do that — but airfare anywhere (not to mention a rental car when I get there) is pretty much out of my reach right now. I’m thinking smaller, local, drivable or public transportable. Research and consideration is in progress.

In other news: Oh, look! Another out-take!

This is a scene from The Outskirter’s Secret that got left on the cutting-room floor for very good reasons.    Not that it’s bad — just that it was not needed, and the book was running rather long.  It was located in a place where it did not help the pacing, and it’s message is largely “The Outskirts are strange,” which fact is covered in many ways, throughout the book.

But I find it fun, so I thought I’d share it…

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