Aug 17 2019

I admit it, I’ve been back for a while now….


For over a week, actually.  But  I seemed to be unable to get myself together enough to write all the blog posts that need to be written.

Such as: the Readercon report!  That feels very far away now, but I do want to say more about it.

And: more about the trip, which was in various proportions: interesting, frustrating, lovely, exhausting, annoying and enlightening.


Famous Bill Thorpe footbridge over the St John, in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

(And hot.  Did I mention hot?  I did not know it got that hot in Fredericton.  Apparently, neither did the locals, who complained about it even more than we did.)


Pleasantly puzzling municipal art.

Also: some more essay-like posts on Topics of Interest (to me, at least).

Plus: updates on various things and/or projects

And: general complaints that I can’t be at Worldcon in Dublin, which is in progress as we speak.

It just seems to have taken me a bit longer than usual to get my feet back under my, after the trip.  Possibly because it took place on the very heels of another different trip.

On the summit of Wildcat Mountain, in New Hampshire, looking across at Mount Washington.

Which had followed rather soon after Readercon itself…

So.  Back in the saddle now, and more posts Real Soon.