British edition of the Steerswoman


This picture is here because Live Journal won’t let me directly upload a picture for my auction offering in the online auction to raise money for Deb Mensinger’s liver transplant.

Nice image, hey?

I can’t upload, but I can paste in the url of a picture that Live Journal will then plop up on the screen as part of my offer post. So I put it here, and glued in the url.

I hate Live Journal…. great people, crappy interface.

Hey, you could go to that online auction yourself, and bid — not on this item, necessarily, but on any of the seriously cool things available!


Hey, here’s another, a lesser photo, but of both the Brit Steerswoman and a framed miniature of the map WITH an actual example of the jewel that so prominently appears in the book. Just parking the pics for the auction, but you can still go there, and bid!

book map jewel