Why there’s no new post


I just spent two hours this morning, and an hour yesterday dealing with the repercussions of Pandora adopting Facebook’s sleazeball marketing tactics. I had to go through layer after layer of “opt outs” in both Facebook and Pandora. In the end, nothing worked and I had to get Pandora customer service to handle it on their end.

One should not need to locate and click a “DO NOT ABUSE ME AND MY FRIENDS” option box.

Then, of course, posting complaints on Pandora’s blog…

I want my three hours back. I had plans for them.

4 Responses to “Why there’s no new post”

  • Sabine Says:

    I agree. How rude of Facebook to tell us that their sale of our data was a “feature!”

  • J. Wilson Says:

    I sometimes wonder if sites like Pandora and Facebook actually just are having a competition to see how petty and demeaning they can treat their users before they’ll finally snap. When Pandora instituted their monthly limitation a little while back, I nearly stopped using them altogether. I understand they’re running a business and trying to make money, but geez.

    Oh, and you wanna get really steamed, you should try LiveJournal. They interrupt my user experience with commercials now.

    … not that I’m bitter. (sorry)

    • Rosemary Says:

      J. W.

      Yeah, I noticed when LiveJournal started doing that! I was outraged! I have a bunch of friends on LJ.

      But here’s a hint about those ads: If you’re just trying to read a LiveJournal blog, and not neccessarily post or comment, use the RSS feed. I use the Google Reader. It collects all the blog posts, and presents them to you in the reader, AWAY from LiveJournal itself! Thus, no ads!

      But LJ is hosting the online auction to raise money to help my friend Deb get a liver transplant. So, do go to LJ, and look at all the cool stuff. (This has been a public service message.)