Nov 10 2010

A couple of format tweaks


I’ve moved the “Recent Comments” higher up on the page — this on the theory that it should be easily visible, so you’ll know right away if someone has added comments to any posts that might be further down the line. (Such as Melanie’s new comment in the “Habitation of the Blessed” comment stream. To which I shall soon, in turn, reply.) You wouldn’t want to miss what other people are saying! Some of them are very smart and nice. Okay, all of them. So far. No trolls have found us yet.

Also: I put an Amazon link right up on the top on the far right. So you don’t have to go through my “The Books” link for an easy way to get copies of my work. Thus saving time and encouraging you to support The Arts. The Arts being represented, in this case, by Me.

Ack! Time’s up — off to DayJobville.