Nov 18 2010

I have noticed a thing


If you set your word processor background document color to black, and set the letter color to only-slightly-less black, you can read it when you’re close and right in front, but not when you’re further back or to the side.

This also works if your screen is white, and you use very-nearly-but-not-quite white letters.

A useful thing.

Nov 18 2010

2 days to go …


At 5PM I shall walk out the door at the DayJob and for 9 days straight shall behave as if there are no things I need to do, only things I want to do.

And then I’ll go do them.

Most of them will be writing.

Some will be music!

Although, not this:

And I’m still trying to figure out this:

Not surprisingly, fingerpicking does not work!!

But there’s just no substitute for the real thing(s)….

(My thanks to Cort Skinner, who directed me to to the accordion!)