I have noticed a thing


If you set your word processor background document color to black, and set the letter color to only-slightly-less black, you can read it when you’re close and right in front, but not when you’re further back or to the side.

This also works if your screen is white, and you use very-nearly-but-not-quite white letters.

A useful thing.

2 Responses to “I have noticed a thing”

  • Jo Anne Says:

    You really shouldn’t be shy. You’ve no reason to be shy about your way with words. I’d think that you’d be more concerned about people looking over your shoulder to spy on what’s in store for your trio we’ve come to know and love. I have to admit, I’d try peeking if I saw you typing away on your laptop in a public place.

    • Rosemary Says:

      Jo Ann —

      Hm… the word “shy” was not accurate, actually. I think that was me trying to say it politely.

      In fact, there are some incredible bozos out there who think nothing of making snide remarks to persons who are doing things they do not understand. I do not like to expose my tender, unfinished first-draft prose to these jerks. Or my inner musings when I’m writing in my journal.

      You’ve probably met some of those people yourself. The kind who say Oh, what’s that you’re reading? Science fiction? Yeah, I used to read that, but then I grew up.

      I find the black-screen black-letter ploy most useful at work, where I can’t always find a corner in which to be alone on my lunch break. And I’m surrounded by people who mostly haven’t read a book since English class in high school.